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Let our pharmacist help you understand the medicines you are taking as well as getting the most out of them
Emergency Hormonal Contraception – Morning after pill
Following a professional consultation with our pharmacist and subject to you satisfying set criteria the morning after pill will be dispensed by the pharmacist. For more information call into our pharmacy.
Chlamydia Screening
Our pharmacist can provide you with a Chlamydia testing kit along with advice on how to use it and obtain the results. In the event of a positive result, the pharmacist will advise on the treatment available.
Methadone Dispensing
Our pharmacy is able to help you to overcome your addiction, through our pharmacists’ expertise and motivation.

You will need to be directed by your GP clinic but after this we can offer a supervised methadone service should this be what you require.

For more information on this service please call in to the pharmacy or contact us

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