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Medicines Use Reviews
Do you feel:
  • You don’t fully understand what the medicines you are taking are for? Or why they have been prescribed?
  • You want to discuss any possible side effects you are having with the medicines you are taking?

An accredited pharmacist can undertake a review of all your medicines, both prescribed and those bought over the counter with you and advise you on matters you may have concerns about. You will have a one to one consultation with the pharmacist in the privacy of our consulting room.

Following the review, the pharmacist will write a report for you. A copy will also be sent to your GP if it is felt any changes need to be made to your medication.

The benefits of this review for you are:
  • It gives you the opportunity to discuss with the pharmacist all your medicines and treatment.
  • If you are unable to see your GP, it provides you with a review of your medicines use.
  • Support in treatment and in taking your medicines.
  • Through the advice and the counseling provided by the pharmacist, your therapy should be improved.

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